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Walking A Thin Lie: Diary of An Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified

Walking A Thin Lie: Diary of An Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified

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"If I talk about it to anyone, then it means I have to stop. I’m not sure if I’m ready to stop I just want to lose a little more weight."

In Walking a Thin Lie, author Kristen M. Hains dives deep into her struggle with disordered eating, one that began as a desperate grasp for control in a disordered young life, and wound up in the halls of an inpatient facility in the desert. With real vulnerability, wry wit, and the kind of authenticity that assures you you are experiencing this with a friend, Hains explores both the impacts that eating disorders can have on their hosts, and the pieces of a childhood that created it.

Eating disorders in the modern era being both dangerously prevalent and often wholly misunderstood, Walking a Thin Lie shines a much-needed light on a topic that polite company would rather be kept in the dark. But Hains is not interested in polite company―instead providing a frank and lifechanging look at girlhood, identity, and what it looks like to build self-worth without the cold aid of numbers on a scale.

Walking A Thin Lie: Diary of An Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified" invites you to step into the intimate pages of my personal journey. This raw and honest diary captures the unfiltered emotions, thoughts, and battles I faced while grappling with an eating disorder. With poignant vulnerability, you'll witness the depths of struggle and the courage it took to seek treatment.

Follow my path towards recovery as I navigate the complexities of healing, sharing the triumphs and setbacks along the way. Through this immersive experience, you'll gain insight into the daily challenges, inspiring growth, and the unbreakable spirit that emerged from within.


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